Boys & Girls
    The project Boys & Girls grew from conversations of the differences between men and women, concerning relationships.  While not all men and women are so vastly different, there is a generalization of both sexes' expectations and issues of trust and fidelity.  This led to the examination of how men and women are raised differently, by both family and society, to expect and desire relationships that are created from fantasy.  In general, young men grow up looking to pornographic magazines and over sexualized imagery and young women grow up viewing fairy tales and fashion magazines as the defining elements of what to expect from a relationship with the opposite sex.  Young women are encouraged to be pure and virginal and with any luck, one day Mr. Right will appear, while young men are encouraged to believe in conquest and conquer and in order to be a "real" man, one must sleep with as many women as possible.  When the contrasting expectations of the dominant, yet submissive, sex kitten and the ever adoring and always faithful prince charming collide, disappointment and disillusionment often arise.  Neither ideals are plausible or based on reality, both are, for the most part, created in and remain in, a world of fantasy.  (Six images from series of thiry)

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